The Neurodivergent Creatives Network

What's all this then?

This is a new venture funded by Bristol City Council which will begin in September 2024 and run until March/April 2025 

*Monthly in person co-working and networking  sessions for neurodivergent creative people

*Central Bristol location

*Funded places including travel

*Accessible and Neuroinclusive venues and structure

*Culminating in an audio visual event (a gig!) in Spring 2025 made by and for neurodivergent creatives in Bristol


Because neurodivergent people often struggle to network or to even be themselves in traditional working or "networking" environments- we want to provide space for people to come together and be accepted as they are and to also have the opportunity to use a co-working venue for the day- being a creative freelancer can be brilliant but sometimes lonely and it doesn't need to be!

Gigs can be tough to get but also to just attend when you have obstacles like sensory sensitivities and anxieties to overcome- over the 6 months we hope to gather ideas and resources and create a gig which we would all love to attend- and make it happen in Spring 2025!

*an official diagnosis is not required but identifying with neurodivergent characteristics is important as is being a creative freelancer (for at least part of your work)

Email to register your interest with "The Neurodivergent Creatives Network" as the title and feel free to add anything else you want to ask and we will keep in touch with more info before the project launches in September 2024. 


Welcome to a space I'm making for you  *and me* 

Do you: 

  • feel like you let people down because you can't manage your time- you either say yes to everything or no to any opportunity
  •  find making and sustaining connections with people difficult? 
  • struggle to learn and retain the skills needed for music production? 
  • have problems managing your own motivation and productivity? 
  • find yourself dealing with the same problems while other people seem to flourish and move forwards? 
  • sometimes feel stuck with so much potential but difficulty in realising it? 


Yes me too, and more. There's more about me on the about me page but for now just know I am not touting some miracle cure or solution- because there is no one way to solve all our problems. Sad I know but them's the breaks. 

What I am trying to do though is develop a system which combines: 

personalised learning 
holistic approach 

I want to do this to give you *and me* the best chance to thrive as neurodivergent (diagnosed or self-identified) music creators in a neurotypical world. 

if this sounds like something you'd like to get involved in, please do get in touch 
I'm very much hoping to develop it in a peer led way- ie there are no gurus here- we are all just trying to find the best way to let our unique talents shine whilst navigating this crazy world 

but what would this actually mean in practice? 

I think it looks like a platform where all the component parts of the music production and product exploitation process are laid out clearly- 

for those who are process driven this will allow to follow steps in the journey but for those who prefer to be led by their interests it will perhaps allow for a choose your own adventure kind of learning whilst also highlighting gaps that might need to be filled if for example you are always starting tracks but never finishing them, or you finish tracks all the time but then don't know what to do with them- it will help to know what and how to take the next steps. 


I am someone who has alwyas struggled with networking- I find people overwhelming and often can't remember to keep in touch with people- sound familiar? we need to find a way or working and communicating which which means we don't miss out on opportunities but equally we are not sacrificing our own energies trying to appear neurotypical 


I often find it impossible to look at my "spotify for artists" page or fill in my PRS forms- I know it sounds simplistic but I believe just knowing you can do these tasks alongside other people who also need to do it (and struggle with it too) is invaluable. 

I plan to have regular accountability based around tackling tricky tasks and body doubling sessions where we are just working on whatever alongside each other 


I'd love to have regular sessions like "shame saturday!" or "failure friday!" where we confront many of the things which hold us back when we have ADHD- 

shame and rejection sensitive dysphoria 

the shame over not communicating well (again) 

or not finishing something on time (again) 

or getting so distracted you let opportunities slip through your fingers (again) 

or feeling like you already know you would dissapoint someone or not be able to deliver so what is the point? (again) 

I think the only way we can make these things better is by talking about them and shining a light on them- I found sometimes the way I can appear with fluctuating motivation and make neurotypical people believe I don't care or i'm not passionate when in reality I often just forget so I partly hope to create a system where I can remember the component parts of track creation and promotion generally but also specifically in relation to current tracks I may be working on- 

If you've ever experienced the "if I can't see it it doesn't exist"  thing (a deficit of your working memory) then you'll know what I mean. 

I don't want to keep wanging on but if this sounds interesting then please get in touch 
I'm going to start accountability sessions from June 2023 
so if you join the mailing list I can let you know when it all rolls out!