These are resources I've used or come across that I think are helpful, some might be partnership organisations or things I've yet to try… I'll try to be clear either way! 


 I really rate Max's online classes and personal training, she understands neurodivergence very well and although I am not someone who enjoys exercise I enjoy the feeling of being strong and appreciate the need to keep my body mobile when I would otherwise sit still for hours. 

Max offers online kundalini yoga, hiit, weights, meditation, yoga nidra,  mobility classes and even reiki- all pitched at being low impact and she always mixes it up so it's never boring. I've appreciated the flexibility live online sessions have given me and still turn up every week for them so can definitely recommend!

 Max is also just very lovely and offers an enthusiastic but no judgement environment which is not always a given in fitness spaces- she offers a free trial so give it a go!